Conducted Improvisation

We just started the Conducted Improvisation. A  worldwide community of conductors, musicians and composers, working with guided improvisation.
Our objective is to create a network and support each other by exchanging knowledge, materials, ideas and projects. We want to kindly invite you to be part of it.

Things that we have done so far:
1. We created the Conducted Improvisation map. It contains the name and location of Conductors, Bands and Orchestras around the world. It is still missing a lot of information and we count on you to help us to update this map. If your info are not correct or not placed in the map, and if you want to share this info, please let us know.

  1. We created a Playlist on youtube with many different practices of conducted improvisation.
  2. We uploaded in google drive a bibliography composed of many articles and thesis. We would love to get any files from you. Drawings, sketches, manuscripts, articles, thesis. Anything you could share about your research and process. You can send us by email or upload directly.
  3. We created this survey to know more about you and your experience. We would be very grateful if you have 5 minutes to fill up this form.

Things that we want to do in the near future:

  1. Create collaborative projects between participants of the community. New music, new collaboration by the network of artists.
  2. Create new papers and academic articles, exchanging knowledge between members of this community
  3. Create a label to distribute guided improvisation music worldwide. For now we will try to help each other to distribute independently by support in each country. Meaning that if you’re gonna release any new materials and want support within our network in Brazil and Italy, please hit us!
  4. Create a spotify playlist, adding many important albums and supporting new releases.

We would love to have you being part of this. Please let us know if you are up to and how you could participate!
We wish you all the best.

Guilherme Peluci and Ludovico Peroni